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How to use the activity panel*


The activity panel is a very helpful tool that allows you to get a quick understanding of the activity related to a specific customer, vendor, or product. Let’s say you want to view all quotes that have been created for a particular customer. Although you can always obtain this information through a report, if you do not want very detailed information and just want to see a list of the transactions, the activity panel may be the best option.

In Paragon, there is an activity panel in reference modules (product, customer, vendor) that displays all of the transactions associated with that item. The following document explains how to access the activity panel, and how it functions.


The activity panel is on the product, customer, and vendor modules. For illustration purposes, the product module is being used in the print screens below.

Once logged into Paragon, select the product module.

Click on the appropriate product and select the detail view button.

On the right-hand side of the product screen, the activity panel will display.

This shows you all the transactions associated with the selected product.


In the activity panel, you can filter by transaction.


You also have the ability to filter by status.


If you leave the status field blank, it will show you all transactions, regardless of the status.

  • In this example orders were selected from the drop down and the filter is showing all orders associated with product 010255 brown M.

The colors that display next to the transaction correspond to the status of that transaction.  Clicking on them will navigate you to that transaction.

  • temp: Orange
  • hold: red
  • issued: blue
  • complete: green
  • void: purple

Where else can I see the activity panel?

The activity panels are available in the reference modules such as product, material, tool, labor, customer, and vendor. Depending on the module that you’re in, you can view different transactions. For example, because customer invoices are not associated with a vendor, this option is not available in the vendor module.


In the customer and vendor modules the activity panel also includes a summary section at the bottom that lists accounts receivable or accounts payable information about that reference.  The summary section is available for all transaction types and will display:

  • Total amount of all listed transactions
  • Total units of all transactions
  • Date of the most recent transaction

In the customer module the activity panel offers the Open AR drop down .  This list will show all outstanding invoices, credits and payments that have been created for the selected customer but that have not yet been reconciled or applied.

The vendor module activity panel offers the Open AP drop down list which shows all outstanding vendor invoices, vendor credits and payments that have been created for the selected vendor but that have not yet been reconciled or applied.

Both the vendor and customer activity panels also offer access to view events and receipt activity.

In this example, all of the events created for the vendor are listed when selecting events from the drop down list..

The listed events can be filtered by status.

Receipts can be accessed through the drop down list.

Receipts can also be filtered by status

Updated on September 11, 2019

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