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Accessing the calendar in Paragon*

Here we’ll walk you through how to access and use the calendar module.

The calendar allows you to create personalized events that can be saved and tracked in Paragon.

Step1: Access the calendar module

From any Paragon screen, hit the more button at the bottom right corner.


Hit the calendar module.


The following screen will appear.


Step 2: Configure the calendar

The calendar can be configured to suit your personal viewing preferences.

Hit the settings button at the top of the screen.


The following screen will appear. Here you can select your preferred:

  • Time format
  • Start of business hours
  • End of business hours
  • Business days, and
  • Starting day of the calendar week.

To save these settings selections, hit the green accept button. To exit this screen, hit the red close button.


These configuration tools allow you to select how you want to view the calendar. The buttons at the top left hand of the screen refer to the miniature viewing of the calendar, and the buttons on the top right refers to the full size, main calendar screen. These settings allow you to view the calendars within the options of: last month, last week, today, next week and next month.


The calendar can also be viewed within the options of monthly, weekly and daily by selecting one of these three highlighted buttons:


Step 3: Create an event

Depending on how you have selected to view your calendar, choose the day and/or time that you want to create your event for. (Don’t worry about clicking on exact dates and times, you will be able to make exact selections in the event creation screen.)

The following event creation modal will appear. Here, an event name can be added.


Hit the calendar button for the date and time. You will be able to select your start and end dates and times.


To select the current date hit the target button at the bottom left of the mini calendar view.


To select event times, hit the clock button. In the time selection screen, you can add the hour and minutes as well as selecting AM or PM. Hit the green accept button to proceed with these selections. Be sure to select start AND end times.


If this will be an all day event, check the “all day event” box. If you want to add a description to your event, add text to the description field.


To save the calendar event, hit the green proceed button. To exit from this screen, hit the red close button.

Once saved, the event will appear on the calendar


Step 4: Edit or delete a calendar event

To delete an event or to make changes, click on the created event. The event’s information will appear in a pop up screen. Here, you can edit or delete the event.


Changes can be made to the event name, time, date and description. To proceed with these changes, hit the green accept button. To delete the event, hit the delete event button. To exit from this screen, hit the red close button.

Updated on September 11, 2019

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