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Consolidating line items on purchase orders

Often, businesses receive multiple sales orders for the same items from different customers. It’s not uncommon for organizations to issue purchase orders in bulk to fulfill multiple orders. The main pain: data entry. But don’t worry, ParagonERP has your back!

Here, we’ll show you how Paragon consolidates similar line items on purchase orders that were created from multiple sales orders.

Step 1: Issue your sales orders

Issue multiple sales orders for different customers.


Step 2: Create your purchase order

From the home screen, navigate to the purchase order module, and create a purchase order from the multiple orders with similar items.

Step 3: Verify your line items

You can see that the 10 units for the item “Drone T-shirt XS” from the three separate customers have been consolidated into one line on the purchase order. The quantities were properly added to show 30 units total for purchase.

Step 4: Issue your purchase order

Once you’ve verified your line items and their quantities, select your vendor, fill in the applicable business terms, and save.

Once saved, you can now issue your purchase order. Hit the green action button, and hit issue.

I issued my purchase order, now what?

Once you’ve issued your purchase order (PO), you can do many things. You can email the PO to your vendor, you can print the PO, you can place it on hold, and you can also issue receipts, and vendor invoices off of the PO.

Whatever you chose, Paragon ERP makes the workflow as easy as counting to 3!


Updated on February 11, 2019

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