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Create sales orders from reservations*

Here, we’ll walk you through how to create a sales order in Paragon from a reservation.

You can also create an order from a purchase order, from a quote or manually.

The order module is based on Paragon’s standard transaction screen. If you are not familiar with the format of transaction screens, get yourself oriented on transaction screens here.

Step 1: Open the order module

You can open the order module in two ways. By hitting the order button in the right hand navigation bar or through the more menu.

Step 2: Create the order from the reservation(s)

Add a new order

This is the list view of the order module. To add a new order, hit the add an order button.

Select the reservation(s)

Select how you would like to create the order. In this case make sure the reservation tab is selected.  It is selected when reservation is highlighted in orange.

Select the reservation(s) you want to use to create the order by checking the corresponding box on the left.

To deselect a reservation, uncheck the box.

Saving or canceling an order

An order can be canceled at any point before it is saved by hitting the cancel button in the bottom left hand corner.

To create and save an order from the reservation you selected, hit the accept button in the bottom right hand corner.

Once you hit the accept button, the order will be created and you’ll be brought back to the list view of the order module.

Note that once the order is saved, it will automatically be assigned a transaction number and be assigned a temp status.

I’ve created my order, now what?

Once an order has been created you can proceed in a number of ways using the green action button in the bottom right hand corner:

  • Create a copy of the order
  • Email it
  • Print it
  • Change the status of the order to hold
  • Issue the order
  • Void it

You can also edit an order in the detail view to make changes if needed.

Updated on September 12, 2019

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