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How to configure available to sell (ATS) calculations*

ATS stands for available to sell or, in other words, “What can I sell to my customers?” Depending on your business model, available stock could mean different things.The calculations used for ATS can be configured to match your business needs through the My Company settings.

Step 1: Go to My Company setup

To access My Company, hit the settings button in the top right corner of any screen.


From the Settings screen, hit the My Company button under the System card.


Step 2: Edit from the Summary tab

Navigate to the Summary tab of the My Company screen.

Hit the edit button from the summary page.

Step 3: Modify ATS

Once in edit mode, you will be able to select from one of three ATS options.

The options calculate your ATS as follows:

  1. ATS = Stock + Inbound Goods – Allocated Goods
  2. ATS = Stock – Allocated Goods
  3. ATS = Stock

Inbound Goods consist of the following:

  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Open Work Orders

Allocated Goods consist of the following:

  • Reservation
  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Open Shipments

Step 4: Save

Once you’ve selected your desired ATS configuration, be sure to hit the save button before exiting.

You can now see the calculated ATS units on any product modal in ParagonERP:

Updated on September 20, 2019

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