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How to create a credit manually*


Here, we’ll walk you through how to create a credit in Paragon manually.

You can also create a credit from an invoice or from a RMA.

The credit module is based on Paragon’s standard transaction screen. If you are not familiar with the format of transaction screens, get yourself oriented on transaction screens here.

Step 1: Open the Credit module

Open the credit module by selecting it in the right hand navigation bar or in the more menu.



Step 2: Creating a Credit manually

Add a new credit

This is the list view of the credit module. To add a new credit, click add new credit.



Select manual method

Select the method you want to create the pick ticket from. In this case select manual.


Enter in general information

Select the company name from the drop down menu.

Once the company is selected, it should auto-populate all the addresses from the customer file.

Note that the credit will not have a transaction number until the credit is saved. Once a transaction number is assigned, it will replace #####.

credit-screen credit-enter-customer-name

Select the date by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the appropriate date.


Enter information in the attribute panel

Enter information in the attribute panel by clicking on the field and typing in the correct information or selecting it from the drop down menu.

Note that the attribute panel will be slightly different based on how your system was configured.


Add products to your credit

To add a product or line item to your credit, click add product in the upper left hand side of the line item area.

manual-credit-with-details add-product2

Select all the items you would like to add to your credit by checking off the boxes on the left.


You can adjust the quantity of each item on this screen by selecting the appropriate quantity box and typing in the quantity you want your credit to reflect.


You can also adjust the price by clicking on the appropriate price box and typing in the price you want your credit to reflect.

Note: If you can’t change the prices here, you probably don’t have the appropriate permissions to adjust prices on credits or prices for a specific company. 


If you would like to cancel the addition of line items or products, click close.

To add all the products, click accept.


Once the items have been added, you can edit any of the information in the line by clicking on that field and typing in the correct information.

This is where you can apply item discounts.

You can also add more line items by selecting add product.


Add notes

If necessary, add any relevant notes. These notes won’t affect anything in the system. They can be used for reminders or internal communication.


Canceling a credit

A credit can be canceled at any point before it is saved by clicking cancel in the upper left hand corner.


Saving a credit

Once you have filled in all the relevant information you can save your credit by clicking save in the bottom right hand corner.

manual-credit-with-savel packing-list-with-save-close

Once the credit is saved, it will automatically be assigned a transaction number and be assigned a temp status.

credit-completed credit-transaction-number

I’ve created my credit, now what?

Once a credit has been created you can proceed in a number of ways using the green action button in the bottom right hand corner:

  • Attach a credit to another record
  • Download a credit
  • Email a credit
  • Print a credit
  • Put a credit on hold
  • Issue a credit
  • Complete a credit
  • Void a credit

You can also edit a credit in the detail view.

credit-whats-next pack-green-button

Other ways to create a credit

Creating a credit manually is only one of the ways you can create a credit in Paragon.

Learn about the other ways to create a credit in Paragon.

Updated on September 19, 2019

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