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How to create attributes with lists to choose from*

The following document will explain how to create lists to choose from. We also refer to these as drop down attributes in Paragon.

For more information about what attributes are or how they can be used, please click here.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to create a list to choose to from or drop down attribute to select values. Note that there isn’t a limitation on the number of attributes you can create in Paragon.

Step 1: Open attribute setup

From any screen, hit the settings button. This will bring you to the settings page.


Under the attributes card, click on attribute setup to access the attributes setup module.


Step 2: Create a new attribute

To add an attribute, hit the create new attribute button.


Step 3: Name your attribute

First, enter the attribute name. Then, hit the next button.


When you hit the next button, certain conditions will be validated:

  • The name must begin with a non-space character
  • The attribute name must be unique

Note that once you’ve completed setting up your attribute, the name of the attribute cannot be changed.

Step 4: Choose an attribute type

Now, choose the type of attribute you want. You can select from:

  1. Freeflow text or number entry
  2. List to choose from
  3. Money and currency
  4. On/Off
  5. Date picker

types of attributes

In this case we want to select “list to choose from.” Once you’ve selected an attribute type, hit the next button.


You will be brought to a screen for you to enter the list of drop down items.

To add an attribute value, hit the add new attribute value button in the top left and enter the value under the short description header.

A blank line will appear, enter in the details of the attribute

If you have more than one attribute value, you can decide the order in which they appear. Do this by entering numbers into the first column.

Once you’ve added all necessary values, hit the next button.

The system will allow you to choose a default value or you can leave the field blank. Once you’re happy with your selection, hit the next button.

You can now choose a category for your attribute here and add an optional description. There is also a preview of what the attribute will look like. When you’re happy with the attribute, hit the save changes button.

Next steps

Once you’ve created all your attributes, the next step will be to associate them to a module. This needs to be done for the attributes you just created to appear on their appropriate modules. For more information on how to do that, please click here.

Updated on September 11, 2019

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