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How to set up the list view*

The first screen you land on when you enter a module in Paragon is called the list view. This view is a list of all the records that are in a specific module. The system comes with defaults but if you’d like, you can modify and choose the columns that display in this list.

Step 1: Go to List View Setup

From any screen in Paragon, hit the settings icon.


In the settings screen, select list view setup from the System card.


On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see all the modules where the list view can be set up.


To start editing a list view, select it in the list. In this case, we’ve selected credit.


Step 2: Add or edit the list view

To add or change a column, hit the edit button.


Each of the columns are explained below:

  • column title: This is the title that will appear in the list view of the module you’re configuring. It can be anything you’d like. For example, if the attribute you’d like to add as a column is called “purchase order number” you can make the title “PO #”.
  • data provider: This is the attribute you currently have set up in the module. This is where the data will be pulled from.
  • width %: Each column represents a percentage of the total screen. The total of all columns width must be 100.
  • format: This field formats the contents of the column. A used format could be MM/DD/YYYY for dates.
  • alignment: The options in this field are leftright and center. It pertains to the alignment of the text or values in that column.
  • ordinal: This field orders the column. The first column in the list will be ordinal 1.


To add a new column to the existing setup, hit the add new column button.


A blank line will appear at the bottom of the list.


Enter the new column information in the blank line that was created.


To delete a column, hit the delete button to the left of the information line.


To change an existing column, click into one of the fields and begin editing.


Step 3: Save and logout

Once you’re satisfied with all of your changes, hit the save button.


A notification will appear prompting you to log out.


Hit the logout button.


When you log back into Paragon, you’ll see that the columns in the list view of your module have changed.


Updated on September 12, 2019

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