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How to set up record identifiers*

Sometimes, identifying a product, customer or any other type of reference can be difficult when you use codes or abbreviations. In Paragon, a record identifier helps you quickly identify a record within a module’s list view.  A record identifier can be a combination of any attributes you have set up. For example, the record identifier for a product could be style + color + size.

Here we’ll walk you through how to setup record identifiers.

Step 1: Go to the record identifier setup

From any Paragon screen, hit the settings button.


From the settings page, select the My Company option from the system card.


Once you’re on that page, open the identifier tab and hit the edit button.

Step 2: Add or edit record identifier

Paragon comes with a few record identifiers that are automatically set up during the install process.

Hit the add button and then start entering the pertinent information. Once you’re done, hit the save button.

  • Module: that is the module for which you wish to add or edit the record identifier
  • Ordinal: that is the position in which the identifier will appear if you’re selecting multiple identifiers for one module
  • Attribute: that is the attribute or information that will feed the identifier
  • Field: that is the database field that will feed the identifier

Note: you do not need to have both an attribute and a field.

Now that the record identifier has been created, you can go back to the module you were working on and you will now see the new identifiers in the first column of the modules list.


In this example, we’ve added the currency to the customer name.

Updated on September 12, 2019

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