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How to setup related warehouses

Do you have a third-party vendor that manages your inventory? In some cases, a company will use a third party logistics warehouse (3PL) to store and ship its products. This document will show you how a related or third party warehouse can be setup in ParagonERP.

Step 1: Set up a vendor account

The first step will be to set up a vendor account  for your 3PL provider. If you For more information on how to set up a vendor, please click here.

While adding your vendor, you have to make sure that their shipping address is the address of the location where the goods are held. This address will be used later when creating the location in Paragon.

Step 2: Link your vendor account to your company

Once the vendor account has been created and activated, you must add it as a related warehouse account.

In settings, go to my company.

Edit the page and under ‘Related Warehouse Locations’ add the vendor account that you’ve just created and then save. You can add as many as you wish.


Step 3: Add your warehouse location

Now that the vendor account has been created and linked to your company, you will need to create a new warehouse location corresponding to that warehouse. The trick here will be to select the address that you have previously set up in your vendor account during step 1.


I’ve created my related warehouse, now what?

Now that the 3PL warehouse has been created and linked to your warehouse locations, you may use it on your transactions. Selecting it as a linked account will ensure that your transactions affect the inventory in your 3PL location.


When you create a shipment, next to your customer’s name, hit the link button, indicate the nature of the link and then add the 3PL account.


The 3PL’s address can now be selected as the ship from location. Once you complete that shipment, the inventory will be taken from that location.


The Receiving module uses the exact same process as the Shipping module, but in this case the ship to address will match the address of the related warehouse.

Updated on September 29, 2017

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