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How to use the test mode manager*

The test mode manager lets you practice using and configuring Paragon without risk to your live information. If you’d like, you can copy your live data into this test mode environment and make changes that won’t affect anything in your live system. Here, we’ll walk through how to use the test mode manager.

Step 1: Access the test mode manager

From the Paragon home page, hit the settings button.

From the settings page, under the system card, and select test mode manager.

Step 2: Set up test mode

A modal window will appear. To copy your current live data into the test mode manager, select reset test mode.

Another modal window will appear to confirm you’d like to proceed.


All your current test data will be lost if you reset test mode. It will be replaced by a copy of your current live data.

Click the cancel button to abort the reset.  Click the accept button to continue. This might take a minute.

You can always leave this screen and return to your regular work while you wait for the reset to complete.  When the reset is finished, a message, test mode successfully reset, will be displayed on the top right of the screen.

Step 3: Enter test mode

To log into your test mode, hit the start test mode button from test mode manager.

Once you click start test mode, you’ll be automatically logged out of your current Paragon session and brought to a log-in screen. Note that there is an indicator that you are logging into test mode. Use your regular live system credentials to log in.

This is your test mode homepage. The settings you configure and any references and/or transactions you create will remain here and will not affect your live data.


You can always tell when you’re in test mode by the indicator on the Paragon header bar.

When you want to update your test system to have the most current data and settings from your live system, log into your live system and repeat the reset test mode process.

Then click on start test mode to enter the test environment with your up-to-date settings and data.

Updated on September 11, 2019

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