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Income statement*

Here we’ll walk you through how to access and filter the income statement report in Paragon.

For more information on how to use the reporting module in Paragon, click here.

Access the report

Hit the more button at the bottom left corner of the screen and select the reports module.


In the reports screen, select income statement from the finance card.

income_statement_finance_cardThe income statement shows the debits and credits for each expense and revenue account in your general ledger. These debits and credits are broken down by GL period.  The report also provides a total line called net income at the bottom of the report.

Income statement filters

To change the selections used to filter the income statement, hit the blue bar.


A new section of the report will appear. This section shows you the current and available filters for the report.


There is also the option to select a date range as one of your filters.

There are multiple filters that can be used to view this report:

  • Fiscal period
  • Period number
  • Account level
  • Transaction year
  • Transaction month
  • Date

I’ve created my income statement, now what?

To further filter your income statement, use the search bar to view the report via selected sub categories.


To navigate the report, use the scroll bar and the open/collapse information icon on the filter fields.


To print your income statement, hit the print icon.


To remove all of your filters, hit the reset button.


Updated on September 12, 2019

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