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Inventory management


There are two parts to inventory management in Paragon. First, you will need to setup your warehouse location(s). Once this is done, you will be able to actually manage your inventory numbers by manually adjusting or moving inventory, or by receiving and shipping products.

This wiki explains how to setup your locations and then describes the features available in the inventory module.

Setting up locations


In Paragon click on the “more” button and then open the “location” module.┬áIn this module, you will enter all the warehouse locations that your system needs.

Click the “add” button, represented by the green plus sign on the top left corner of your page.


A new form will appear. Enter the information as needed.

  1. Warehouse – Indicate the address of that warehouse location.
  2. Location Type – This will indicate the purpose of this location – e.g. packing, shipping, receiving etc. – and will affect the modules that have access to its stock.
  3. Warehouses – Select the warehouse for this location. It can be added under “Warehouses” in the code module.
  4. Warehouse Areas This is a customizable attribute that was added in the code module.

If you wish to add more details to your location like “Warehouse Areas,” “Aisle,” or “Row” you will have to create the attribute in the code module and then associate it to the “location_module.”

Once done, click the save button.


The field named “location” will display the name of your new location by concatenating the attributes to its right.

Managing your inventory

Some of Paragon’s modules affect your product’s inventory. Namely they are receive, reserve, pick, pack and ship. In order to work properly, these modules require warehouse locations to be set up. The key is to indicate the location type for each location as it will determine which module can pull or add stock to that location.

Once the locations have been setup, completing a transaction will update the inventory numbers accordingly.

Otherwise, you can manually move and adjust your inventory.

Moving inventory

Moving inventory is often used to transfer stock from one location to another.

In Paragon click on the “more” button and open the “inventory” module.


Find the style you wish to adjust and click on the “detail view” button.


In the “MOVE” tab:

  1. Click on the desired location from which to move the inventory.
  2. Select the warehouse locations to which you wish to move the inventory.
  3. Enter the quantity to move.
  4. Click “Accept” to validate.


The units will now appear in the new location and be deducted from the original.

Note that each movement is listed with its date for tracking purposes.

Adjusting inventory

In Paragon, you can update your inventory number using adjustments. This feature allows you to increase or decrease your stock in a specific location as needed.

E.g. you forgot to count 3 units and wish to add them to your inventory. In the ADJUST tab, you will enter “3” to add 3 units to the current stock. On the other hand, if you’ve counted 3 extra units, you will enter “-3” to remove 3 units from the stock.

If you need to adjust your inventory to a specific number, you will have to enter the difference between this number and your current stock level. E.g. Paragon shows 10 units but in reality you only have 8: you need to remove 2 units. Therefore you will have to enter “-2.”

In Paragon click on the “more” button and open the “inventory” module.


Find the style you wish to adjust and click on the “detail view” button.


In the “ADJUST” tab, click the “add” button on the bottom left hand side of your screen.

Select the warehouse location for which you wish to adjust the inventory.


Enter the adjustment quantity, select a reason if applicable, and press “Accept” to validate your change.


The recalculated stock will now appear.


Note that each adjustment is listed with its date for tracking purposes.

Updated on December 14, 2016

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    Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items. A component of supply chain management, inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.

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