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Knowing what version of Paragon you are using*

ParagonERP is constantly being updated and improved by the Jonar Team. These updates are broken down and explained as they come into effect every 2 weeks so that you can stay up to date on the most recent changes.

Jonar currently updates all Paragon customers at the same time. This means that all of our customers are on the same version. However, we realize that having a version number available for your information and for ours will be useful. For example, if there are extreme weather conditions or power failures in a specific area, we may not be able to update your system with the others. Not only that, in the future, we may update different parts of the world on different days. The version number will allow us to identify which version of Paragon you are running, should the need arise.

Where to look

From anywhere in Paragon click on the settings button in the top right corner.

You can then see the version of Paragon that you are running in the bottom right corner of the settings page.

If you are curious about the version number, it is generated by Jonar and is changed with each update every other Tuesday when we deploy to customers.

So what’s next?

Stay up to date on the new functions and changes that have been applied to the system anytime!

Updated on September 23, 2019

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