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Receivable reports*

Receivable reports provide information on how much your customers have paid. Here we’ll walk you though how to access and use the receivables reports. This includes the cash receipts report and the receive payment report.

Step 1: Go to the reports module

From any Paragon screen hit the more button at the bottom right corner and select the reports button.

The following screen will appear:

Under the receivables report card the cash receipts and receive payment reports are listed.

You can also select the cash receipts and receive payment reports from the list view, listed to the left of the screen. Scroll down to view all reports.

Step 2: Cash receipts report

The following screen will appear after selecting this report.

This report shows all the payments that have been received from your customers that have been entered into Paragon. Whether the payment was received as cash, as a wire transfer, or as a check, all the transactions will show on this report. This report can be particularly useful to analyze your receivables based on the customer account, method of payment or even each individual invoice number.

The report can be filtered by hitting the blue arrow bar.

Hit the reset button to remove any filters selected.

To print the report with your filter selections, hit the blue print button at the right of the screen.

Step 3: Receive payment report

The following screen will appear after selecting this report.

In Paragon, you can receive payments a few different ways. For example, you can receive the full amount of an invoice, you can receive a portion of an invoice, or you can even receive more than the invoice amount. This report allows you to view these payments made.

You can filter your receive payment report by account or payment information.

Your selections will be highlighted with a green check box. These selections will also be listed to the right of the screen, next to the blue print button.

To print your report with your selected filters, hit the blue print button.

Updated on September 12, 2019

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