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What’s new with Paragon – August 6, 2019*

Use rules to configure your emails

Every organization that you deal with has their own list of email addresses to be used in certain situations. If you are a collections agent, you will likely have to deal with an accounts payable clerk. If you are a sales rep, you will certainly need to communicate with buyers to confirm orders. Shipping goods? You will have to email warehouses and 3PLs. With the new ability to use Paragon’s rules engine to create default emailing addresses based on the type of transaction you’re using, communicating with the right people is a snap. Users can now configure invoices to be sent to the right department based on email setup on the customer file, or ensure that purchase orders are always emailed to the right vendor.┬áContact [email protected] for help setting up this new type of rule.


Here’s a list of the bugs that we’ve eliminated with this update:

  • Improved modal placement in the pack module.
  • Increased versatility with run now rules.
  • Correction to address functionality in transactions.
  • Improved visuals for email attributes in the business card portion of the person module.
  • Increased availability for emailing from all transactions.
  • List view and export improvements for custom list attributes.
Updated on September 11, 2019

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