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What’s new with Paragon – June 25, 2019*

Filter the sales journal by line attributes

The sales journal report allows you to filter any invoice or credit in the system by customer and transaction date. With our latest update, you can now also filter the report by any attribute that has been linked to any line on your invoices and credits. For example, maybe you categorize your invoice lines by product group. You can now choose to see only the invoice lines for Electronics, or Shoes. This feature could be used to analyze how much was sold in any given area of your business, forecast future purchases, or get sales personnel to push specific brands.

Sales journal

AP Aging Report

We’ve all relied on the AR (accounts receivable) Aging Report to tell us how much our clients owe us and when we should expect to receive that money. Well, we feel this kind of report would be great when it comes to payables, too! After all, this information is crucial for deciding on how to plan your cash flow in upcoming months and when to pay your vendors. The new AP Aging Report allows you to see how much you owe your vendors and whether you are falling behind.

How to view the A/P aging report

Pick Ticket locations for Mobile

We recently delved into the realm of mobile scanning features in Paragon – starting with the picking process. We wanted to beef up our pick ticket location assignment game. So, we have improved functionality for verifying warehouse locations versus shipping addresses on pick tickets. This update gives you a few new validations when assigning your warehouse locations to pick ticket lines. We now automatically validate the locations against the shipping address on the pick ticket – no more mishaps when the addresses were changed but the locations for your goods were not. We’ve also made sure that only warehouse locations with sufficient stock can be associated to your pick lines. All functionality can be viewed in our user documentation.

How to assign a location to a pick ticket

Performance enhancements

We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the Paragon experience for you. This time around, we’ve improved the performance (i.e. increased the speed) in several areas of the system. After all, there’s no better way to save time than to speed up processes that you are using all day, every day. We’ve increased the speed when changing records across all modules, when opening up discounts/other charges/tax modals in transactions, and when scrolling through list views – just to name a few! We’ve also improved the speed when deleting attributes from references and transactions, and when searching within any module.


Here’s a list of bugs that we squashed with this update:

  • Search and selection improvements in the new item modal
  • Updated visuals for calculated columns in new transaction modals
  • Enhanced duplicate verification when importing data through the universal translator
  • Rules engine improvements for using purchase order and work order BoM data
  • Blocker notification changes for specific automated journal entries
Updated on September 11, 2019

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