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What’s new with Paragon – March 19, 2019

Open AP information in the vendor activity panel

In the last update, we gave you the Open AR (accounts receivable) option in the customer activity panel. We’ve now also added an Open AP (accounts payable) option to the vendor activity panel. It’s helpful to be able to see these financial values in one place at a glance, as it saves you from having to contact multiple people to confirm financial numbers. We’ve also added an On Account line to the summary section of the activity panel, for both customers and vendors.

How to use the activity panel

Import inventory with transaction dates

When using the universal translator to import inventory balances, Paragon now allows you to determine the transaction date or the date that the stock quantities moved in or out of your inventory. This lets you run inventory history reports that correctly reflect dates as they happened, ensuring an accurate timeline. It also ensures that any related system generated journal entries are created for the correct dates and GL periods.

Adjust stock by importing inventory

Create work orders for multiple customers

If your business model is designed to let you produce goods to order, and you have multiple customers that may order the same products from you, it’s efficient to create one work order (for one vendor) from all of the sales requests at once, and then send them to one supplier or contractor. This saves time whenever you make the request to produce goods for multiple clients. For that reason, you are now able to select any customer’s quotes or orders to create consolidated work orders.

Create work orders from sales orders

New address option is more accessible

Sometimes small changes can have a big impact. This alteration demonstrates that perfectly. Adding a new address to an existing customer or vendor is, no doubt, a regular occurrence. If you happen to have multiple addresses already associated with the company, the feature to add a new address should be easily accessible. That’s why it can now be found at the top of the address list, instead of at the bottom!

How to create a new address

Improved financial report titles

ParagonERP is constantly evolving. We are always looking for ways to improve our product. With this in mind, we conferred with our financial advisors and decided to adjust the names of two of our financial reports. Sales Taxes Owed was renamed to Sales Tax Collected, and Sales Taxes Received was renamed to Sales Tax Paid.

Sales tax reports


Here’s a list of bugs we’ve exterminated with this update:

  • Adjusted net income and retained earnings calculations
  • Improved live reporting for opening balances
  • Revised quantity calculations for over shipments
Updated on March 19, 2019

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