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What’s new with Paragon – November 13, 2018

The Rules Wizard expanded

Our Rules Wizard continues to grow! We’ve updated the user interface so that Paragon now gives you even more control over which triggers or actions you’d like to include in a rule. For greater ease of use, if you made an error while adding an action to a rule, you can now cancel it by simply clicking a button. And, with this update, you can now use the Rules Wizard to automatically create new transactions. For instance, you might want to build a rule that automatically creates a shipment after issuing an invoice, or creates an automatic credit note after confirming an RMA. The possibilities are endless.

Improved copy feature for transactions

Creating a new transaction by copying from an existing one is a great way to save time and avoid errors. Looking to make your processes even leaner, we’ve added the ability to automatically replicate header information when copying a transaction via attribute inheritance. This new feature allows you to decide which part of your transaction data should be transferred over when you make a copy of any transaction.

Updating associations via the universal translator

Continuing our efforts to help make your workflows easier, we’ve introduced the ability to use the universal translator to export and import associated data. This new functionality is guaranteed to help anyone doing price-list updates or mass data entry. Transitioning from winter to spring collections, for example, is now a breeze. There’s no need to manually change prices and costs of every product and raw material in Paragon. Simply export your existing catalog, make any required changes with the speed and versatility of Excel, and import your new lists. No sweat.


Name that address

Often times, having the name of a location is just as important as having its actual address. For example, when shipping to an airport, it’s very helpful to have the airport’s name in the address section of a shipping document. Delivery drivers will often know exactly where a destination is based just on a name. To that effect, we’ve updated Paragon to display the name of a location, if applicable, along with its coordinates. Shipping carriers and drivers everywhere will thank you.


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve exterminated with this update:

  • Correction to the images in the live purchase process
  • Number field attributes no longer accept text while creating products
  • Navigating to a company from a transaction now works when there are more than 200 records
  • Removed ability to add a product to its own BOM through the user interface
  • Save button for email settings has been corrected
  • Date selections on the sales journal & cash receipts reports are now filtering correctly
  • Grand totals now update correctly when in pivot view on transactions
  • Applying line discounts now immediately update the total amount
  • Line note inheritance improvements
  • API now correctly calculates open A/R and On Account amounts
Updated on December 14, 2018

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