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What’s new with Paragon – October 16, 2018

Making bulk status changes

We have great news for those of you who want the ability to modify multiple records simultaneously. This update features new functionality that allows for multiple records to be simultaneously issued, held, completed, activated, or deactivated. You can achieve this by way of our new bulk edit button found in all relevant modules (e.g. product, order, etc).

Viewing receipts and events through the activity panel

Due to popular demand, we’ve added the option to view receipts and events through the activity panel. You’ll find these new options in the customer, vendor, and product modules, making navigating to relevant records as easy as a click of the mouse.


Auto-completing shipments with a rule

With this update, we’ve continued to enhance our rules engine in hopes of making your life a little easier. As such, we’ve introduced a new system-level rule so that, once you’ve created an invoice accounting for all line items and quantities, your system will automatically complete the relevant shipment. No more extra clicks!

Making a rule that uses locations

We’ve also unlocked the ability to use a location for all you rule-smiths out there. We can now create rules that can manipulate which warehouse location is being used within each transaction. For example, you could decide to have automatic stock transfers between warehouses based on customer or vendor address. We can also predetermine where goods will ship from based on the destination of the shipment. This is especially interesting if you ship across borders. Don’t forget to contact us at [email protected] for help setting up these new rules.

Updated on December 14, 2018

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