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What’s new with Paragon September 17, 2019*

Introducing our new and improved Shopify integration

Centralize the management and processing of your Shopify operations with a seamless connection to Paragon.

Some of the integration’s highlights include:

  • Order fulfillment: As soon as your items are shipped from within Paragon, orders are marked as fulfilled in Shopify and your customers receive relevant tracking information by email. Shopify shipments
  • Inventory centralization: When available to sell inventory levels change in Paragon, Shopify is updated in real-time so you can always meet customer order demand. Shopify product availability
  • Product catalog management: When products are added or changed in Shopify, these changes will be updated in Paragon to reflect your latest product selection. Match product catalogs between your shop and Paragon

What’s more, we recently worked on some smaller, but just as powerful updates:

  • Upon purchasing the Shopify integration, you now have the option to activate and deactivate it. Even if the integration is not yet active, you have the ability to pull in products or orders at the click of a button, ensuring your catalog is ready to go when you are.
  • On import of an order, Paragon generates a reservation, an invoice, a receive payment, AND creates related journal entries for each financial transaction.
  • Last but not least, shipping carrier information can be added into the shipment and that shipment will fulfill your Shopify order – including the shipment tracking information.

Set up Shopify

Create and send emails through the rules engine

When processing transactions, sending emails to your customers and vendors is a necessary step. You can now instruct Paragon who to send your transaction emails to without any data entry. Simply set up a rule to trigger emails for you and pull the addresses straight from your customer and vendor files. This saves you time and cuts down on errors. Contact us at [email protected] for help setting up these rules.

Create and adjust GL accounts through the rules engine

Speaking of rules, we also added the ability to manipulate the GL using a rule. This means that you can now work with us to create rules that could create manual journal entries… without the manual work. Contact us at [email protected] for help setting up these rules.

Reports menu now uses translated titles

Do you have users who prefer to work in Paragon in a language other than English? Though we already have the ability to set any user profile to French or Dutch, we continue to add this translation feature to various areas in Paragon – the latest being the reports menu. The list of standard reports in Paragon is now translated to the language that your user profile is set to.

Add attachments and support attributes through the API

The future of ERP is in the ability to easily communicate with external or third-party software through APIs. We recognize this and strive to add features and functionality to Paragon that will help achieve this. That being said, you now have the ability to add attachments to your records through the Paragon API. This means you can import data from an outside source that points to an attached document or image. Since we are always looking to improve – we have also added improved support for percentage attributes through our API. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to work on our API functionality.


Here’s a list of the bugs we’ve exterminated with this update:

  • Date selection improvement with varying timezones
  • Improved GL account creation within existing parent accounts.
  • Enhanced toastr notifications across Paragon.
Updated on September 23, 2019

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