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What’s new with Paragon – September 3, 2019*

Create vendor credits from shipments

If and when you need to return goods to your vendors or suppliers (due to damages or incorrect shipments, for example), it is really handy to be able to create a vendor credit that matches the units that were shipped back. We have made this workflow fool-proof by giving you the ability to create the vendor invoice directly from the shipment you have already generated.


Here’s a list of the bugs that we’ve eliminated with this update.

  • Improved functionality in all modals for saving changes.
  • Increased security for the Add-Ons page (integration purchases).
  • Correction to the new password modal for mouse functionality.
  • Adjustment to prevent premature shutdown of back-end processes.
  • Improved rounding logic in the AP report.
Updated on September 23, 2019

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